Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I did it!

Back in September, I participated in Cynthia's Quilty Orphan Adoption, and shortly after that received a package from Susan at Mrs. Pepper.  The package included all of the pieces and parts to make a Schnibbles mini quilt called McGuffey.

Susan had done a wonderful job organizing all of the parts for the quilt with notes about what section they were for, and from her blog I found a picture of what the finished quilt should look like.  Then I started to put it together, pretty much figuring it out from her notes and the picture.

I started with this:

And, as of today, I have this:

Yes, I did it!  And I am pretty pleased with the result, too!  The next step is to get it quilted, and then in April this little project is going to a silent auction for a local charity that supports the medical needs of babies and children in our area.  This will be my third quilt to donate to this charity!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Little Bit of Purple

There has only been a smidgen of purple sewing going on at my house this week, for one reason or another. I added a couple of half purple and half neutral string blocks to my collection.

To get the star design that I'm after, I think I will need more full color blocks than half and half, so it's a good thing I have lots more strings to sew up!

I definitely need to do some math and get a plan going so that I don't end up with unusable blocks!

I also dug through my collection of orange peel blocks for the purple ones I made last year, and put them together to make a little mini for my favorite snowman mug to sit on.

As is typical for me, it's hard to get the pretty purple color to come through in my photos.  ;(

I like to change out my mugs for the season every year.  After Christmas, I get out the snowmen!

This little guy has a cute purple, striped hat and polka dot scarf, so he gets the place of honor!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Like Thursday #13 - the Hospital Edition

I have to admit this has not been the best of weeks for finding things that I like.  We have spent hours and hours with my MIL in the hospital, waiting for news, hoping they will figure out what is going on, with fingers crossed that she will get better and life can go on.  Some days she is better, and others - like yesterday - not so much.  I hope today the news is better!

So, how to go about finding things to include in my "I Like Thursday" post?  What about things I like at the hospital, in spite of the reason for being there?

I definitely like and appreciate the sweet nurses who have been caring for my MIL.  They speak to her gently, look her right in the eyes, call her by name, and tell her what they are doing.  They do their best to figure out how to help her when something not so great is happening, and they answer our questions, too.

When you spend hours upon hours, and days upon days, in the hospital, it's hard to eat right.  But we discovered that this hospital has a nice cafeteria with a great salad bar.  And inexpensive, too!  My husband and I both got a salad, and I bought a bottle of water, and it came to under $5!  

Hospitals these days, seem to have all kinds of interesting art work!  I found this on the wall of one of the waiting rooms we spent time in the other day.

I wonder if I could make a quilt that looks like this.  I've never done any curved piecing, but it is on my list to try this year.  I should probably start a bit simpler than this - but it is definitely some fun inspiration!

When we get home from a long day at the hospital, strangely enough, in spite having done nothing much more than sit, we are exhausted.  Although there is lots to be done around the house, we mostly veg out with something on Netflix. 

We just joined Netflix in October, so we're still discovering what we can watch on it, but a few of the things we like - No Commercials,  and a respite from this crazy political season!  (Although I have to admit, I am living in "The West Wing" fantasy world as I enjoy rewatching all the episodes of my favorite show.  I wish Martin Sheen could be the president! LOL!)

And one last thing I have found to change up our dinners a bit - veggie noodles!  Have you tried them yet?

My husband is diabetic, and carbs are not his friend, so we've been looking for ways to eat more veggies in place of carbs.  These zucchini noodles are perfect!  I have been sauteing them in a little olive oil, grinding some pepper in, and then finishing them up with a bit of water until they are the right consistency for noodles. Then we top them with homemade spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese, and yum!  I know there is a little gadget you can get that will take a zucchini and make noodles out of it, but I haven't purchased one yet.  It was fun to find that you can buy these already shredded zucchinis at our local grocery store!

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  Please be sure to check out my friend LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for more  "I Like Thursday" inspiration!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some Hand Quilting and a Christmas Present

In our neck of the woods, it as been really cold and snowy this week.  Perfect for cuddling under a quilt and watching something on Netflix.  So, why not cuddle under a quilt that is being quilted?  Again, perfect!

I have finished the hand quilting on all nine blocks of my Log Cabin quilt and moved on to the borders.

I've never done very much hand quilting, so I put my stitches somewhere in between "Big Stitch" and "primitive!"  But it is definitely something I've ended up enjoying very much!

I've also loved revisiting every favorite fabric scrap that I made these blocks out of, as I stitch from one color to the next.

The 6 inch wide borders are made of the yellow and white polka dots that you can see best in the first picture.  I've been trying to decide on a design that I could quilt in the borders, besides more straight lines. Maybe some simple flowers?  I need to do some research and thinking about this next step!

This week, my Christmas present to myself arrived in the mail!  I've done a lot of quilting with my walking foot in the last few years, but I'm excited to learn more, from THE expert!  

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Friday, January 6, 2017

RSC 2017 - Moving Ahead

The stars have all been aligned this week, and while I don't yet have an actual finished quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016, my Scrap Jar Stars quilt is an "almost finished" flimsy, and it's looking pretty good!  :)

This just needs one last outside border to finish up the 9 patches, and it will be ready to quilt!

I also played with my Maple Leaf blocks a little bit this week.  I made a purple one, and then thought since I am in the nine patch mode, it might be fun to make a nine patch alternate block to go along with it.

These really are very pretty purple fabrics, but I have a hard time photographing purple, for some reason!  

After making these, I decided to make some more partners to go with my other Maple Leaf blocks.

This could be fun!  What have you been up to this week? For more rainbow inspiration, check out ScrapHappy Saturday at SoScrappy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I Like Thursday #12 - Happy New Year!

I hope your 2017 is off to a good start!  I found this on New Year's Eve, and because I'm never far from my current book, I liked the message!

It's cold and snowy where I live again, so I am dreaming of the beach.  In just two weeks, I get to visit the Gulf of Mexico, and I'm so excited!  Living in land-locked Colorado, we try to plan a trip to the ocean as often as we can.  I love the sound of the water and the immense views of it, as far as you can see.

Last fall we visited the Pacific Coast, near Bodega Bay.

This is my hubby, walking along the beach to check out a ship wreck in the distance.

I really like to pick up stones and shells as we walk along.  I usually end up with the pockets of whatever I'm wearing full of things I've picked up to bring home.  I often end up with a pocketful of sand, too!  My house is full of bowls of shells and rocks that I've collected from all over the place.  They are my favorite collection!

I love to carry a stone or shell in my hand, wondering about where it has been, and what it's seen. Yesterday, I was cleaning and straightening up in my sewing room, and found a big bag of beach stones that I hadn't looked at in a long time.  I think they're from our trip to the Oregon coast in 2015.  

I definitely ❤ these!

We like to have tea in the afternoons, especially in the winter.  Here's one of my favorite teas.

The Celestial Seasonings tea headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado, and not too far from where I live.  They have a great tour and even a tasting room.  Often, when we go to Boulder, we have to stop off at their tea shop and stock up on our favorites.  If you were to come visit me, I would take you for the tour, too!

Do you like quiche?  I love it, but I am a lazy cook, so I decided to try this version of it from Costco.  (Their samples worked on me!)

It came with two quiches in the package, so I baked one and froze the other.  I really liked it, and the leftovers were tasty, too!

Did I mention that I was cleaning in my sewing room yesterday?  Not my favorite way to spend time in there, but it needed to be done!  I had fun rearranging my "objets d'art" and came up with this - 

I was given that Little Penguin card when I retired, and I just had to keep it.  The Beanie baby Monkey is, of course, a gift from my hubby one Valentine's Day.  Can you guess what is in the red and white tin?  Maybe you can if you are one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge buddies!

And speaking of cold and snowy, I just had to share this and thank LeeAnna for it!  I won this beautiful knitted cowl that she made in a giveaway she had a few weeks ago, and today I wore it all day.  So perfect for our Colorado weather. (I don't think it got much above 10 degrees!)

Do you like my model?!  I'm not one for selfies, so Mickey agreed to stand in for me!  Lol!  Thank you, LeeAnna!

Happy Thursday, all, and enjoy the rest of your week!  For more I Like Thursday inspiration, check out LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.  She got me started on this journey, and it is a lovely one!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time Out!

I think it is Murphy's Law that says if something can go wrong, it will.  That is what happened with my Scrap Jar Stars quilt this week!

This is the photo I posted last week with all of the blocks, sashing, and cornerstones laid out.

I can see now that the problem was already there, but I didn't realize it until I had gotten this far - 3 rows completely sewn together, and the fourth and fifth ones ready to be sewn on, as well.  Can you tell what it is?

The top right and bottom right blocks are oriented wrong.  Every other block has the 16 patch in the middle oriented so that a colorful 2 inch square is in the top left corner, not a white square, except for those two blocks.  ;(  This has happened every time I laid out the completed blocks for a photo all through the year - you'd think I would have been paying attention before I started sewing. *Sigh.*

Now, I am not a perfectionist with my quilting; usually I'm in the "Done is better than perfect" camp.  But this just really bothered me!  So...

I put this quilt in Time Out for about 24 hours!  Lol!  It was time to work on something that required very little thinking - some string blocks perhaps, or something with my basket of bonus triangles.

But, after a little break, out came the seam ripper! (for the umpteenth time this month, it seems.)  And here is where I am right now - ready to sew the block and sashing strip back in as soon as I fill a new bobbin.  I guess my Scrap Jar Stars and I will have a New Year's Eve party together down in my sewing room!

Then I can start 2017 with all the stars aligned!  ☺

Linking up with the first Oh Scrap! of 2017 over at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.  Wishing you smooth sewing as the year begins!