Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Finish and Some Mystery Sewing

Recently I finished up the quilt I've been working on for my oldest son.   Made from the Yellow Brick Road pattern, it uses 12 fat quarters for the main part of the quilt and then some yardage for the borders, backing, and binding.  I really enjoyed sewing with the Grunge line of fabric for this quilt!

I backed it in a soft plaid flannel, which makes it feel warm and cozy!

Quilting was my go-to simple diagonal cross-hatch.

The finished quilt measures about 57 x 75, and it's done before his birthday, whoo hoo!!!  :)

The next clue in Libby's Magical Mystery Block QAL came out on Friday, and I had a little bit of time Saturday to get some of that completed.

We were to take all of the pairs of 3 inch squares we had cut and make them into 2.5 inch HSTs using the two at a time method.

A little more trimming and I'll have that clue taken care of!

Can't wait to see what's going to happen with all the different pieces we've been preparing for these blocks!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Bits of Green

We've been out of town this week, but before we left I sewed up a few bits of green.

A sawtooth star with a Spring green floral center to add to my collection -

Bright pink and peachy-orange - those will need to be spread out from each other a bit - lol!  We'll see what happens as I make more blocks!

And progress was made on my Tiny Rails block for March, too.

Twenty-five 1.5 x 2.5 inch green bits sewn to whatever low volume pieces I can find in the same size to make 2.5 inch squares - then into rows of 5 and finally into a 10.5 inch square.  These are put together as leaders and enders while I work on other blocks through the month.

Just for fun, I'll leave you with some green non-sewing photos!  We took a quick trip to San Diego this week, and really enjoyed exploring the city and spending time by the ocean.  

Beautiful green succulents grow everywhere outdoors!   We found these along the boardwalk in Mission Beach.

And these ride-sharing bikes are also everywhere - 
Lime Bikes!  Access them with an app on your phone, ride to wherever you want, and then leave the bike there.  They even come in an electric version!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #73 - Treats!

I admit it - I like treats!  For me, treats come in all different forms.

I do love cookies.  I don't bake very often anymore, but once in awhile I buy a package of these -

Double Dark Chocolate - yum!

Soup cooking in the crockpot is a big treat - smells good all day and all the work is done by dinnertime!

Making binding for a quilt is a treat - 

and I love sewing the final step of the binding by hand,  too.

It means I've finished another quilt!

My once a month quilt group get together is always such a treat!  I don't belong to a guild - just a group of friends who share a love of sewing and other needle crafts in common and get together to enjoy each other's company.  We've been meeting for 20 years now!

We made this table runner together recently for one of our members who is dealing with some tough family things right now.  She loves browns and western -themed things, so we hope she'll enjoy this in her home.

Everyone made a couple of strips for it, and then a few of us finished it up.  I think it looks great on my friend's leather couch, don't you?!

Another treat I love is Dinner Theater night every now and then with some girlfriends.  This time we saw "Always, Patsy Cline."  

It was a really enjoyable show, and although I've never been a big country music fan, the music in this show was both fun and beautiful!

And this time of year, it sure is a treat to see Spring slowly making its way to Colorado!

More crocuses are blooming, and the daffodils are hinting about it!

I think it will be time to start cleaning up the gardens and yard pretty soon!  Hope you're having a great week!  Be sure to check out all the I Like Thursday posts over at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.  

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Project Quilting 9.5 - A Stitch in Time

Week 5 for Project Quilting featured the challenge to interpret this idiom, "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine," in a quilt!  At first I was a bit stumped, and as the week has gone by I have seen all kinds of wonderful projects shared on Facebook, Instagram, and in blog posts.

I finally arrived at my idea just in the nick of TIME!  I would STITCH up a couple of economy blocks (that's the SAVE part :) made up of NINE scrappy pieces in the colors of my favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies!  (lots of NINE involved in playing baseball - nine positions on the field, nine innings...)

The Rockies colors are black, white, purple, and silver, so what's not to like about sewing up a couple of mug rugs made of those colors in polka dots and swirls?!

A view of the back - more purple!

And with some morning coffee!

My mug rugs measure about 7 inches square and will get lots of use here in Loveland, Colorado, where we are big Colorado Rockies fans!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Penguins Love Green!

This week I spent some time cutting a little more, sewing a little more, and organizing for Libby's Magical Mystery Block QAL.

These penguins have hats!

I sewed the little penguin 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles into their Block A and Block B selves.

And made some 4.5 inch HSTs from the 5 inch squares that I've cut so far.

Finally, I bagged up all the cut and sewn pieces and stashed everything in one of my now-empty project boxes. (That means I finished a quilt - yay!  But more about that another day!)

I also managed one of this month's Squared Away blocks in green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge sampler.

This was a fun one to put together, and I only needed my seam ripper a couple times, lol!  I kept turning those corner pieces wrong and didn't notice until a seam had been sewn.  But all's well that ends well!  I plan to make one more of these in light greens before month's end.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Like Thursday #72 - my Happy Place!

Where is your happy place?  I know we all have them - my sewing room is one, of course!   And my comfy blue chair where I read, watch TV, and watch the wildlife in our backyard.

But if we are going to get in the car and go to a happy place, we always end up here -

Last weekend, the spring-like weather was so amazing that we knew it was time for a trek up into the mountains.

A drive up into Rocky Mountain National Park brought us these kinds of views - looking west - 

And then turning around and looking east.

Then we go into town, park, and walk up the hill through downtown.  There are fun and special things along the way.

I just had to play some mountain music!

And a brand new veterans memorial we hadn't seen before - Mike is a veteran, so these are always so appreciated! 

And no trip to Estes Park is complete without a visit to our favorite spot!

Cheers, friends!

Hope you're having a great week!  Be sure to check out all the I Like Thursday bloggers at LeeAnna's Not Afraid of Color!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Some quilting and a mystery...

The main focus of the past week in my sewing room was to get the layers of my son's Yellow Brick Road quilt basted together, and the quilting started, and I accomplished that!

I'm quilting it in a straight line diagonal grid, which is the easiest for me on a lap size  quilt, so it's actually going pretty fast.  I hope to have it done by the end of this coming week!

But being the type of quilter I am, I needed a few breaks from that kind of sewing here and there during the week, so I got started on cutting out and then sewing for the first clue in Libby, the Hillside Quilter's Magical Mystery Block Quilt-along.

I had bought a fat quarter bundle called Penguins Love Colors from Connecting Threads back in early December, and this project seemed perfect for it.

Libby has a great cutting guide HERE, (Clue #1) for pairs of fat quarters, and each pair will make four 8 inch blocks.  After pairing up my lights and darks, I started the cutting.

I'm going to have fun playing with these bright and happy colors!

Find Clue #2 HERE - and here are my first few sewn up!

Only a little bit of progress made, but I hope to spend some time getting more cutting and Clue #2 sewing done this week, before Clue #3 comes out on Friday.

Sharing at Quilting is More Fun than Housework for Oh Scrap!  Hope you are enjoying some colorful, scrappy sewing today!