Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Friday, October 29, 2021

Piles of Blocks!

I have to admit something to you - it's my quilty little secret... I love making quilt blocks.  With all the inspiration out there in blogland, and the rainbow of scraps and stash in my sewing room, I get to this time of the year, and I have made piles of blocks!  The problem is that I stall out on turning these into quilts...

My sewing room used to be our basement family room,
and it has a fireplace at one end.  Guess what piles up there?!
Lots of blocks!  Wonky stars, crumb hearts, bonus HSTs, Easy Breezies, and chandelier blocks... so far.  

Over the months of 2021, as I've added to my block collections, I've had multiple ideas for how to finish them into quilts: block layouts, alternate blocks, background fabrics, combining blocks, you name it.  I even purchased some background fabric choices to possibly go with some of my blocks.  I shared some of my ideas here on the blog, but none of them really stuck.

Kona Aruba and Tula Pink's Fairy Dust
I love these and want to use them somehow!

So, some of this week's sewing time has been devoted to trying again to make some decisions about my block collections.   
  • Chandelier blocks: there are only 18 of these.  I'm putting them in a project box and will continue making more in 2022.

  • Easy Breezy blocks: there are 25 of these.  I like the chain they make here, but I tried the Tula Pink fabric as an alternate block, and it's too busy!  These were fun to make as leaders and enders, but the truth is I've kind of lost interest in them.

  • Crumb Hearts:  I love these and I think I'm ready to work on something with them.  This week I put them on the design wall and added squares of the Fairy Dust in between.  I'm saying this one's a "Yes!"
Okay, but what about those two blank spots in the bottom right corner?

My first thought was, what scraps have I not used for crumb blocks?  There were lots in the gray bin, so I tried this:

That's sort of interesting - it's like I switched the photo to gray scale!

Another thought was to make a heart with all the colors in it, like this.

I like that!

So, now I have them filling the empty spaces.

I had planned to use the Kona Aruba and the bonus HSTs with these blocks, too.  Maybe something like this for a border?

This could work!

  • The last set of blocks are these wonky stars.  I started making them as an alternate block to go in between something  - the Easy Breezies? the Crumb Hearts?  Anyway, there are 12 of them.  I think I'm just going to turn them into a mini quilt - something quick and simple.

So, for now at least, I have a path forward with the Crumb Hearts, and that's what I'll be working on!  Sharing at SoScrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday!


Vicki in MN said...

I am wondering if a solid color for the alternate block would trip your trigger for the easy breezy blocks. The hearts will make a sweet quilt!

Michele McLaughlin said...

I like the easy breezy blocks with white in between them! Absolutely yes that Fairy Dust with the heart blocks, it's fantastic with them (although now I'm thinking you could use that fabric with the easy breezy ones too!). I love all your projects but I think the wonky stars are fine without an alternate block. It will be a neat little little quilt!!! Have a great day Diann!

Libby in TN said...

I have similar issues with RSC blocks made with no plan. Maybe that's why I stalled out this year. I love all that you've done and agree the chandelier blocks should go another year. I have admired that Tula Pink fabric in the shop and wish I had bought some. It looks perfect for your little hearts.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a lot of blocks! you should be able to do a good size sampler if the blocks are all the same size and a lot of them. I always have to have a plan

Linda said...

Gosh I relate to stalling out - I love to make blocks too then they sit in a pile. That's a nice place to put your piles, by the way. That Fairy Dust looks wonderful with the crumb hearts, and I love the two extras you made - they really work well with the rest of the group!

Julie in GA said...

I'm having the same problem stalling out on some of my RSC projects too. The Fairy Dust fabric looks perfect with your heart blocks! Good luck figuring out a plan for the rest of your blocks.

Deb A said...

The hearts look great with that alternate fabric. Easy breezy blocks make nice placemats.... just an idea. (Can I officially join the block makers club? I have quite a few collections to gain entrance)

Susie H said...

You definitely have quite a collection of pretty blocks. Glad there's a plan in place for one stack. As you work on that project, I'll bet you come up with a plan for another stack! *wink*

Jennifer said...

i love your heart blocks/quilt! FANTASTIC! i'd say- why don't you embroider something on the multi-colored heart? like "I love you" or, "you are loved" or something appropriate to wherever the quilt will end up? (family? donation?)
anyway- just a thought.
(and don't worry- you have lots of company in the I Make Lots Of Blocks But Don't Get Them Sewn Into Quilts Too Fast club! haha. *pointing to self...*

Sara said...

Those crumb hearts look PERFECT with the Fairy Dust background between them. That is going to be such a sweet quilt.

It's really fun to see how everyone "collects" sets of block throughout the year - and then the fun of turning them into a quilt begins.

Mari said...

I love making blocks, too! They're always so fun. A pale floral or other print would work really nicely with your Easy Breezy blocks. The Tula print is perfect with those hearts, and I love, love, love the multicolored heart. The stars will also make a great mini. What great projects!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE all of your scrappy projects for the RSC, Diann!! Have fun rearranging blocks and assembling this year's quilts.

grammajudyb said...

You are headed in the right direction! I agree, hearts blocks and Fairy Dust, perfection “ I lost interest in the Easy Breezy blocks too! I think my choice of the smaller ones was my downfall! I may take Deb A’s idea and make some placemats, or “under plant mats”!, or something! I noticed Connecting Threads is having a sale on fabrics they call, Hush Hush, low volume neutrals. I’m always in need of those! Good luck on getting going on your crumb hearts!

Jenny said...

There are certainly lots of possibilities on your design board. It's easy to get overwhelmed sometimes, but you are on the right track with the hearts. Perhaps work o that one first and ideas may come with how to finish off the other block sets.

piecefulwendy said...

I love your little block collection! You have quilt tops half done in a sense - all you need to do is play with them and off you go! I enjoy reading your thoughts as you play with borders, etc. too! I suspect your quilt room is a very happy, inviting place!

Cheryll said...

I love all those scrappy blocks...& I'm sure they will shine one day soon.
But those hearts look wonderful so keep working on that project.
I look forward to seeing it finished... xox

Ivani said...

I love all your blocks collection for RSC21, but the heart blocks are my favorites and your plan looks perfect with the alternate Fairy Dust fabric, they will make a lovely quilt, Diann.

sue s said...

You have some great ideas there! I just bought some of the Fairy Dust and may use it as a border on my chandeliers. Of course, it'll be a while, because the blocks haven't been sewn into a top yet!

Preeti said...

Diann, I would use my brown scraps to make another heart. If you are one for whimsy, then use a black background and white/low-volume scraps to make the heart. Like a missing heart.
That border with HSTs seems like a lot of work - not my cup of tea. But the wonky stars are the best!!!

JanineMarie said...

I sort of feel like you, Diann. I’ve been picking away at blocks this year but have few finishes. It’s like my blocks are my project, and that’s all I do. I think my oomph for sewing to complete things will perk up when the weather gets too cold to do anything else. The thing is, though, that once you start getting the blocks into tops the momentum will probably take hold, which could mean a lot of finishes in a short time. I love the fairy dust as a background, as well as the Aruba border, although I tend not to do borders. (Lazy, I guess.) Anyway, hang in there because eventually all of those quilts will be worth it.

Cathy said...

I love piecing too and I love big quilts so sometimes it takes me a while to get RSC projects to the finish line but I'm never in a hurry. Great idea to make more chandelier blocks next year and I love the Fairy Dust with those hearts. You are moving forward!!