Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Like Thursday #48 - Going and Doing

Happy Fall, everyone!  As I do every Thursday, I'm joining in with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color to celebrate things I've liked in the past week.

I know that the first day of fall is technically tomorrow, but it has been seeming like fall around here for quite a few days now.  Cooler mornings, leaves falling, the sun going down so much earlier. It's just about time to bring out the hot tea and the quilts!

I like my little September angel sitting on my fall leaves table runner!

Last week, when we had to drive to Nebraska to attend the funeral of one of Mike's cousins, I liked this field of sunflowers that we passed.  It is definitely a September field, and not a spring or summer field!

September is when the new season starts at our local dinner theater, and my group of friends and I have season tickets again this year.  I really liked the first show of the season, "Once."  Have you seen it? Evidently it won Best Musical at the Tony awards in 2012.  

All of the music is played by the actors on stage - guitars, violins, drums, a cello, mandolin - lots of beautiful music!

Edited to say:  LeeAnna taught me how to add a YouTube video, so I'm trying this and hope it works!  :)

The song is called "Falling Slowly" - one of the lines begins "Raise your hopeful voice..."

Also this week, my book group and I went and listened to an author talk, part of the "Loveland Loves to Read" program.

I loved that the emcee began the evening by saying, "Welcome, Loveland Loves to Read-ers!" I also really liked hearing Anne Hillerman speak about her book, Spider Woman's Daughter.

In case you aren't familiar with Anne Hillerman, she is the daughter of Tony Hillerman who wrote 18 mysteries set in the Navajo country of Arizona and New Mexico.  After he passed away in 2008, Anne took over the series from her dad, and has now published 3 novels that continue the stories and main characters of her dad's books.  I always liked his books (recommended to me by my dad) and have enjoyed reading two of her novels so far.  She described them as mysteries that a grandmother could pass down to her young granddaughter (good stories, but nothing "questionable" in them, if you know what I mean)!

Hope you are all having a good week!  We have been watching Hurricane Maria make its way across Puerto Rico, hoping my niece and her family are safe.  I'n sending out positive thoughts and prayers for them, and all the people of the islands who have been impacted by two storms in a row.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have read some of Tony Hillerman's books I will have to check out Anne's - I has been a long time since I read them.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Hi! I didn't know about Anne Hillerman and need to check out her books.So many sunflowers! I've never seen that many at one time. Enjoy your community theater- it's such a great way to spend a few hours-especially musicals. Have fun! mary

Libby in TN said...

I've always enjoyed Tony Hillerman's books. We visited Navajo country twice when I was young so it is easy for me to visualize scenes in his books. Also, Notah Begay is one of my favorite golf commentators because of Hillerman. I will look for Anne's books now.

Sherrie said...

Love the table runner, beautiful fall colors. I haven't read any Tony Hillerman books. I'll have to look those up. Have a great day!

LA Paylor said...

Love to read and listen to authors. What a fun group you're in... hope I find a similar group. Loved Tony Hillerman. Fall is coming even here. There is a change in the air.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your world sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the links and the book referral!

Linda said...

Does your niece actually live in PR? Praying for them!
Do you suppose that field of sunflowers is grown commercially? Wow, never seen one that big.
I have listened to that song before, never fails to make me cry.
I used to read Tony Hillerman books constantly! Haven't read one in years, I need to start from the beginning again.

Kate said...

Hope your niece and family are doing OK. Fall is such a fun time of year. Love your new table decor for the season.