Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Like Thursday #46

Happy "I Like Thursday" to everyone!  I'm joining in, as I do every week, with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color, and other blogging friends.  Be sure to check out everyone's posts at LeeAnna's blog.

I like going to Farmer's Markets, and I've written about that before on my Thursday posts.  This last Saturday, Mike and I decided to go to the one we enjoy that is up in Ft. Collins, the next city to the north of us.

As we were heading up there, Mike asked if anything was going on in Ft. Collins that day, since it was a holiday weekend.  Of course my reply was, "Not that I know of."  Ha!  Famous last words!

When we got closer there were signs about road closures starting at 10:00 a.m., and lots of people riding bicycles, dressed in crazy costumes.

Sure enough, we got right into the middle of a very popular event in Ft. Collins - the "Tour de Fat," a bicycle parade of sorts that is put on by New Belgium Brewery, makers of Fat Tire beer.  I guess I didn't know it was held on Labor Day weekend!

Really popular!  Tons (probably thousands) of people, every kind of costume you can think of (and a few you might not!), music, dogs, college students, families.  So much fun!  I wish we had brought one of our good cameras, rather than just the cellphone, because these just don't do it justice.

We did manage to find a parking place a few blocks from the Farmer's Market, enjoyed all the sights as we made our way there, and had fun walking around the market, as well.

I went home with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers and made a tasty salad out of them that night.  All eaten before I could take a picture!

Also this weekend, we went to visit my SIL and BIL, who are in the process of selling their cabin in the mountains.  They've been storing a glass cabinet for their daughter, and didn't have a place to put it during the move, so we offered to bring it home and "babysit" it, until someone was ready to take it back.

Might as well put it to use while we're storing it, right?!  :)

My niece used it to store her china, but I've got it full of quilts.  I like this!  Maybe they would sell it to me...

This week's news is full of information about the fires in the western states, and we are getting a lot of the smoke and haze from those fires here along the Front Range of Colorado.  I can't really complain about it because I know it has to be much, much worse in the actual places where the fires are burning, but it is definitely noticeable here.  My husband did get a really cool picture of the moon on Monday night, taken with a special filter for his camera, and I had to include it in my likes for the week.  

It has been another tough week in our country, what with the continued and additional hurricane news, these fires, and other current events, but I hope you are finding things in your week to like and feel thankful for.

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Kate said...

The bicycle ride sounds like a lot of fun. But it's sometimes a bit frustrating when you arrive in town in the middle of something like that.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I like Farmer's Markets also and can't wait till it cools off so I can attend one! I need a quilt cabinet like your temp one! That one holds a lot! Fun post. mary in Az

Linda said...

The farmers' market looks like fun!
What a cool idea to put quilts in the cabinet. You must have a truck to have taken it with you. Any chance they will sell it to you?
Sometimes there is an awful beauty in the devastation of nature, isn't there?

PaintedThread said...

I can see why you like that display case. I'd be tempted to keep it, too! Tour de Fat looks like a fun time.

LA Paylor said...

that bike parade is right up my alley. Wish we knew we'd have come! We went to a cook out near you on Monday.

Sherrie said...

Great shots. Love farmer's markets, they have the ripest fruits and veggies. And usually cost less than the grocery store. Have a great day!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Wonderful likes! What a fun day you had! I like that cabinet as a quilt cabinet~ it's perfect~! I hope they sell it to you (or give it to you). Have a great day!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

That is one fun filled day. I think the Cabinet is just MADE for quilts :)

Beautiful night shot / I recently saw another blogger in Colorado talking about the smoke from the fires.

It's crazy...torrential flooding and hurricanes in one area and horrific wildfires in another, and here in PA we have unusually cool weather which I am loving and I feel so lucky at the moment for our area and so horrified and sad for so many others right now :(