Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I Like Thursday #169

Good morning!
I was so happy to catch this beautiful sunrise the other day.  
I have a new phone and its camera takes amazingly good photos!

We enjoyed this dinner the other night - chicken enchiladas.

I like cooking the chicken in the crockpot with some salsa verde, so that it shreds up.
Then wrap it in a tortilla and top with green chile, sour cream, avocados, tomatoes, and green onions.  Yum!

For a night when you don't feel like cooking too much, have you tried $10 Tuesdays at Papa Murphy's Pizza?

And you can choose 5 toppings at no extra charge!
Do I sound like a commercial?  :)

We enjoyed the new Masterpiece show on PBS on Sunday night - "Sanditon."

Evidently it is the last story Jane Austen was working on before she died in 1817.
You can read more about it here.

Then, on Monday night, I was hunting around for a new show for us to watch and discovered that Acorn TV (we can stream shows on that service through an app available from our public library) has a new season of "The Brokenwood Mysteries."

Hooray!  We loved the previous seasons of this show. 

We went up to spend the day with my MIL who lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the other day, so I had a chance to stop in at the quilt shop up there.  I found this fat quarter , and had to get it! 

I had a fat quarter of the same print in the light green colorway, and it's almost gone.  You'll see little bits of it in my scrap quilts here and there.

Like in this Tiny Tuesday block!


Here's how my design wall is looking with my hearts and nine patches - 

It's been so fun to stitch a heart each day, and then make a 9 patch or two.
I was originally thinking I was going to stop here and make a tablerunner for February, but I've been enjoying these blocks so much that I'm going to keep going, maybe to baby quilt size?

Joining in with LeeAnna and the "I Like Thursday" bloggers over at Not  Afraid  of Color!


Carol R. said...

I watched Sanditon, too; not sure whether I like it or not. I guess I'll just have to keep watching to see. It was easier for me to know what was being said once I turned the closed caption on.. maybe I'll have to watch the first episode over again.
Love the penguin fabric!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have heard of the station Acorn but don't know if the library has an ap for it here will check. Love that sunrise!so pretty. We haven't seen the sun the last couple mornings it has been foggy here in the morning lately and maybe rain off and on for a couple upcoming days again :( said...

Awesome pic of the sunrise. Oh your chicken enchilada looks awesome. Cute fabric, and love your blocks you are making.

Julierose said...

Oh we've loved Brokenwood too...the Pathologist is my favorite character...she's too funny..hugs, Julierose

Carol Swift said...

That penguin fabric is so cute and perfect for you. It's early morning here, but I feel the need to have a chicken enchilada...yum! Thanks for sharing your likes!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

That sunrise! Gorgeous! Those penguins are adorable. How appropriate for you! I can’t wait to watch Sanditon-I have it taped.

chrisknits said...

Those Penguins are too adorable! I should make you a Penguin hat like the ones I knit for Christmas!! LOL We love to make these

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Diann! Oooh, that chicken enchiladas sure look delicious. I have to remember to make some of those. Yum-eeeeee! HAHA - you do sound a little like a commercial in a very good way - not annoying one bit. And five toppings at no extra charge. That's a sweet deal. I'm telling Sue about it tonight. I adore the addition of the cute 9-patches with hearts intermixed throughout. Love, love, LOVE this idea and it's so darn cute. Oh, I am definitely PINing that so I remember I need to make one myself. Happy Thursday, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

MissPat said...

Your hearts and 9 patches are really cute and will make an adorable baby quilt. Did you know that Sally Trude at Objects of Design is featuring penguins this month? She created some very interesting examples.

PaintedThread said...

Such a pretty sunrise! Pizza - that looks delicious. We brought some home the other night - it was lovely. I haven't started watching Sanditon - but it's been taping! And ooh! Brokenwood! We'll be all over that! Good stuff.

Cathy said...

We do Papa Murphy’s Pizza, too, about once a month. Luckily, Tuesday is my Weight Watchers weigh-in day, so after we have pizza for dinner I can compensate all week for it before weighing in again (which, I guess, is the name of the game in weight management anyway. Balance). We watched Sanditon, too. It was good, but since we just finished watching “Anne with an E” on Netflix (EXCELLENT), Sanditon pales in comparison. Oh, and your hearts and 9-patches are cute, too. And don’t let Sally see that penguin fabric!!

piecefulwendy said...

You always have such a fun variety of things in your Thursday posts! We had chicken enchilada dip, made in the crockpot, tonight. It's one of my favorite recipes, because I can toss it all in and forget about it. Great deal on the pizza. We are a college town, so there is no shortage of pizza places here. I need to look at that show on Acorn. Just finished all of the Agatha Raisin series, as well as My Life is Murder. I used to collect penguins - I still have them :-)

Linda said...

Beautiful sunrise photo! We had chicken enchiladas just last week, but it was a casserole and too many calories. I'm going to try one of those crockpot recipes. Of course you had to buy that fabric! Your heart project is so cute and growing from table runner to baby quilt. You are enjoying it so much it might turn into lap sized - lol!

Barb N said...

I love the pink penguin fabric - perfect for you! And good to know about Sanditon. I will tune in one of these days and watch it. Lovely sunset photo, too

LA Paylor said...

one of the reasons I like quilting is the one block at a time thing. Little by little you have something of size made. Paintings aren't like that! Your enchilada's look amazing... I'd like the recipe especially for the chili sauce without pork. A new season of Brokenwood??? Yea! Love that series and the actors are terrific. That little bit of penguin peeking out of the block, priceless. We might go to Cheyenne this weekend, anything we shouldn't miss?

Deb A said...

Love the tv watching ideas. I'm always at a loss when trying to find something interesting to watch after the kids are in bed. That penguin fabric is so cute... I think I saw some with blues in my stash when I was looking for something yesterday. The hearts and nines are looking great.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Slow stitching hearts is such a great way to "watch" tv isn't it. Your design wall is so organized and sweet looking. Mine is messy! We enjoyed Brokenwood very much and Sandition is definitely one we would like. Thanks for sharing your enchilada seeing food! Definitely looks delicious. Did you sort your tub of scraps yet? :)

Michele McLaughlin said...

Didn't care much for Sanditon although I loved the actors! I'm loving watching your progress on the nine patch and hearts--it would make a great baby quilt! That photo of the sunrise is awesome! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Kate said...

Lots of favorite things last week. I had meant to watch Sandington, but no TV in my sewing room (lightening took out my old one). Love your hearts and 9 patches! That will make a very sweet baby quilt.