Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I Like Thursday #190 - Writing your own headlines

Happy Thursday!  

Both of my sons are journalists and have lots of experience writing headlines for articles in their newspapers.   We often share strangely written headlines with them and laugh over funny ones we find.  So that lead me to wonder what my week might look like in headline form.

For example:

Colorado woman finds joy in hand-stitching her quilt bindings

And where to find that cute backing fabric

Or, how about - 

It's a miracle!

Discovering tomatoes actually growing on your plant

I know most headlines don't have punctuation, which feels a little weird when you're used to writing in paragraph form, as I am.  But here's another:

Finding peace and quiet when staying at home

How to love your own backyard 
(I'm including subheadings, too!)

I often read these kinds of articles - 

Best books of 2020

Learning from historical fiction
(One of my favorite genres to read!  More about this book at Goodreads.)

And finally...

Where's Waldo (oops!) Diann?

Finding old photos in your attic

(A life-long friend sent this to me.  She said she had come across it when cleaning out a storage area in her house.  We think this trip with our Girl Scout troop took place in about 1968.  My mom's in the photo, too.  It was pretty fun seeing an old photo of an event I hadn't thought about in years!)

How's your week going?  Hope you've found things to like!  I'm joining LeeAnna and friends at Not Afraid of Color for "I Like Thursday."

15 comments: said...

Fun headlines. Your yard looks so peaceful. What a great picture and I am sure it brought back great memories.

Vicki in MN said...

Your backyard looks so restful! You are pretty good at writing headlines:) I like it.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your yard looks so peaceful and quite - both sons journalist huh - do you hear some stories before they get published I wonder - do you get the scoop! I always love seeing the first tomatoes growing

Deb A said...

What great headlines! You have a lovely back yard and love the full uniform and gloves at your girl scout outing! I think that It's a miracle could apply to me with anything growing! Such a fun post.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What a fun way to post- with headlines. Enjoy that lovely backyard.

Michele McLaughlin said...

LOVE your headlines! This post really made me smile! I love your back yard, no wonder you find peace there! Have a wonderful week Diann!

piecefulwendy said...

Oh, this was a delightfully fun read this morning! I'm not sure I could headline my week (or want to - haha). You have a nice little haven, inside and out. Thanks for letting us see that lovely back yard! I'm going to need to write a book list from your posts!

Preeti said...

Diann's words bring smiles to many :-)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your headlines, Diann! I find headlines succinct and to the point! Or, at least, they should be. What a gorgeous backyard! It looks like a nice place to spend the afternoon. I don't think my tomato plants have anything growing yet. It must have been fun to see that old photo of yourself!

PaintedThread said...

Love the old photo - how cool is that?! I like your headlines. That backing fabric is fantastic (a.nd adorable). Yay for tomatoes - I'm impressed!

Barb N said...

I used to be a newspaper reporter, and so I love your headline adventures! So where are you in the photo?

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Diann! I love all of your headlines and you're quite clever, too. That Girl Scout photo is fabulous. They were quite skillful at lining up all the girls in such nice order. Tomatoes already on your plant - how exciting is that?!! I would love to hang out in your backyard! It's so pleasing to the eyes. ~smile~ Roseanne said...

That photo is such a treasure. The angle pose in front of the capitol is so creative. I would frame this and hang it up. What a period piece!!

chrisknits said...

OMG, what a great find! And can you imagine trying to get the kids of today to stand in such a great formation?

Cathy said...

Great post and headlines! Fun idea! Are you going to tell us where you are in the Girl Scout picture? LOL