Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Like Thursday #14 - the Colorful Edition

First of all, thank you to everyone for your good wishes and prayers for my MIL.  She is doing much better this week, and can express that she wants to get stronger and go home, and that is making us feel a lot better, too!

This week, I've been looking around for some color to brighten up the gray, brown, and white of the winter days here in Colorado.  And I didn't have to look far!

I love these little scissors!  I keep them in my little sewing basket next to the chair where I do my hand sewing.  They were a gift from a friend a few years ago, and they make me ridiculously happy when I have a chance to use them!

This morning I decided to clean out my sock drawer.  A silly little job, but one that really needed to be done! And I found these - 

Aren't they fun?  I can wear them for any holiday or celebration.   When I was teaching, my 5th graders loved it when I wore silly socks, especially these.

Speaking of my teaching career - I have a pretty big collection of picture books that I used for all kinds of reading and writing lessons.  I brought home all of the books that I purchased with my own money, thinking that there would be times when I would want them.  (One of these days I will have a grand-baby or two to read aloud to, but not yet!) I was looking through them the other day and came across this one - I Love You the Purplest!

It's about a mom with two little boys who are always in competition for which one is the best at one thing or another.  At bedtime, they each ask her which one she loves the most.  To one of them she replies -

Such beautiful language!  Love. It.

I also love the color of my red chair in the living room.

It's my first ever Ikea purchase!  (about 3 years ago or so, when Ikea came to Denver.)  It's so comfortable, bright, and happy.  And it looks great with Christmas quilts draped over it!

I have a small collection of houses that are fun.

They are all gifts from people over the years.  The littlest one is my favorite.  It's painted on a piece of old brick.  So creative!

And I really like my blue suitcase.

It's color makes it easy to recognize when we're at the baggage claim at the airport.  Plus, getting it out means we're going on a trip!  (which we are, this week! Yay!)  I'm sure there will be many things I find to like on this trip to include in my next week's post!

Happy Thursday!  I hope you're having a great week!  Be sure to check out more things to like over at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.


Linda said...

I look forward to these Thursday posts - I love them! I have a small collection of small scissors that make me ridiculously happy too. And there are certain pieces of furniture we own that do the same.
The book is a treasure! It is one of those well-written gems that really strikes a chord.

Cathy said...

I love your little houses! Have a wonderful, safe trip!

margaret said...

good to read MIL is making good progress. Colour does brighten up even the dullest day and you have plenty there to brighten things up

Christine B said...

Love your beautiful colourful post! I especially like the passage you shared from the book.... so well written! Christine x

Vicki in MN said...

You did indeed find some fun colorful things at your house! Safe travels! Good to hear MIL is doing better.

LA Paylor said...

lots of color here! Thanks to you again for joining me in liking life. LeeAnna

Shannon said...

What a great post! Those socks are fabulous! I love seeing your picture books. I have several of my favorites still, one actually sitting on my dresser needing to be put away. I don't have any children so my sister has most of the family books, but we were lucky enough to inherit a whole bunch of books from my great-grandmother who was a nursery school teacher in the 1920s. So fun to pull out those books to read to her littles!

Kate said...

Lots of fun favorites this week. I love the socks. It's always fun to clean out a drawer here and there. You never know what you'll find that you forgot you had. Enjoy your trip.