Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Like Thursday #13 - the Hospital Edition

I have to admit this has not been the best of weeks for finding things that I like.  We have spent hours and hours with my MIL in the hospital, waiting for news, hoping they will figure out what is going on, with fingers crossed that she will get better and life can go on.  Some days she is better, and others - like yesterday - not so much.  I hope today the news is better!

So, how to go about finding things to include in my "I Like Thursday" post?  What about things I like at the hospital, in spite of the reason for being there?

I definitely like and appreciate the sweet nurses who have been caring for my MIL.  They speak to her gently, look her right in the eyes, call her by name, and tell her what they are doing.  They do their best to figure out how to help her when something not so great is happening, and they answer our questions, too.

When you spend hours upon hours, and days upon days, in the hospital, it's hard to eat right.  But we discovered that this hospital has a nice cafeteria with a great salad bar.  And inexpensive, too!  My husband and I both got a salad, and I bought a bottle of water, and it came to under $5!  

Hospitals these days, seem to have all kinds of interesting art work!  I found this on the wall of one of the waiting rooms we spent time in the other day.

I wonder if I could make a quilt that looks like this.  I've never done any curved piecing, but it is on my list to try this year.  I should probably start a bit simpler than this - but it is definitely some fun inspiration!

When we get home from a long day at the hospital, strangely enough, in spite having done nothing much more than sit, we are exhausted.  Although there is lots to be done around the house, we mostly veg out with something on Netflix. 

We just joined Netflix in October, so we're still discovering what we can watch on it, but a few of the things we like - No Commercials,  and a respite from this crazy political season!  (Although I have to admit, I am living in "The West Wing" fantasy world as I enjoy rewatching all the episodes of my favorite show.  I wish Martin Sheen could be the president! LOL!)

And one last thing I have found to change up our dinners a bit - veggie noodles!  Have you tried them yet?

My husband is diabetic, and carbs are not his friend, so we've been looking for ways to eat more veggies in place of carbs.  These zucchini noodles are perfect!  I have been sauteing them in a little olive oil, grinding some pepper in, and then finishing them up with a bit of water until they are the right consistency for noodles. Then we top them with homemade spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese, and yum!  I know there is a little gadget you can get that will take a zucchini and make noodles out of it, but I haven't purchased one yet.  It was fun to find that you can buy these already shredded zucchinis at our local grocery store!

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  Please be sure to check out my friend LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for more  "I Like Thursday" inspiration!


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Way to look at the bright side of the hospital! The cafeteria at our hospital is some of the best food we have in our town and the prices are great. Last time I was there, I got ahi with edamame and noodles for $7. Delicious and a great deal. The cafeteria is the only good thing about our hospital though--I will drive over an hour for treatment in GJ. I hope you are getting some handwork done. You must watch "House of Cards" on Netflix! Hang in there.

Christine B said...

You have done a great job putting a positive spin on a difficult situation.... hope your MIL is feeling better very soon. Christine x

Vicki in MN said...

Sorry you and the family are having a tought time right now, hopefully things will be looking up soon. I agree art is everywhere, last September we had to spend some time at the Mayo Clinic. We saw some wonderful things there. Hugs

LA Paylor said...

these posts keep us looking up don't they? When I get bogged down in life, I have to look for the positives since I know Thursday is coming.

I have not heard of the zucchini noodles and that sounds just perfect for us. We love veg and carbs are tempting but not so good for us.

We discovered Netflicks a little less than a year ago and it's a godsend. Especially next week when I doubt I'll be able to turn a regular tv channel on, or be faced with a face that isn't my fave face.
Thanks for joining me again, I love your words, and what you find to share. It's a really good thing! LeeAnna

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

So sorry you still don't have answers yet for your MIL. Living with unknowns is so difficult!

I got a spiralizer for Christmas. It has been fun trying out new recipes and new vegetables!

MissPat said...

Diann, I am so sorry to hear of your MIL's mysterious medical issues. Brings backmemories of watching House. Miss that show. My husband brought home some kind of vegetable noodles (wasn't zucchini) and I wasn't impressed. Guess we'll need to try some other vegetable varieties. Hoping for positive progress for your MIL.

Sandra Walker said...

Well how interesting! I bought THIS afternoon the gadget you are talking about! Off Amazon, as requested by my husband who is looking for ways to reduce his carb intake. I was going to make spaghetti for supper but he said no...and could you order this? and then maybe we can have spaghetti next week? You COULD so do curves; try Karla Alexander's improv ones, too much fun (and addictive--hello squirrels). So sorry to hear of your MIL and yep I can relate to the exhaustion that hopsitals bring. Hoping you hear better news and solutions soon. And yep! Martin Sheen for pres!

PaulaB quilts said...

The zucchini noodles are a great idea. Thanks for the tip. In your previous ILT post, I found we have something else in common, shells and beachcombing. I've been to Bodega Bay, nice memories. Have a good week. I will pray for your MIL.

Libby in TN said...

Another thing we share -- MILs with health issues. I love using spaghetti squash in place of noodles, but hadn't thought about zucchini. Bought one of those hand-twisted spiralizers, but it doesn't work very well.

Kate said...

Hope your MIL is doing much, much better. You seem to be making the best of what's been dished out. Hope you missed out on all the winter mix stuff that was floating around this weekend.