Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Busy Week!

Do you ever have this kind of week in your sewing room?  The one where you just can't settle on one thing to work on, and your brain is full of ideas, and you just keep jumping from one thing to the next?  That was my week, this week!  Besides working on my husband's zipper pouches, my daily Quilty 365 orange peels,and my RSC blocks, I also made a few blocks for Kat's February block drive for Covered in Love.

Then I pulled out the fat quarter bundle of Sweet as Honey that I won from Linda at The Road to Oklahoma in her January giveaway, because I have an idea for something I want to make out of those lovely fabrics.

Such pretty, sunny colors!  To start with, I want to make a spring table runner for my dining room table out of these.  So far, I've cut a 5 inch wide strip out of each of the 6 fabrics, cut 5 inch squares from the 
strips, and combined each square with a charm square of Kona Snow to make 4 1/2 inch HSTs.  This requires lots of trimming, so I'm still working on that!  It appears I might have enough HSTs for two table runners!

I've also continued to work on my scrap Organizing project and now my big brown scrap bin is all cleaned out, with the scraps sorted into different color tubs.  Yay!  That was very satisfying, but also got my brain going on what I could do with all of the skinniest of strings.  Any ideas?  I might have at least one idea that I am mulling over!

That, of course, leads to realizing just how much more cleaning and organizing there is to do, but instead of cleaning, I picked up the collection of Tula Pink Prince Charming scraps that Cynthia shared with me and got started with another idea I had this week.  

I took a few of the largest pieces (plus a scrap of Kona Navy) and sewed them onto a piece of batting using "quilt as you go."  This will be the outside of a new tote bag that I decided to make for myself.  I really love this fabric, and it will be fun to have something I can use all the time made out of it.  I'm still working on quilting the outside piece that I've made so far, and then as son as I find a coordinating lining fabric and some straps for it, I'll be able to finish my new tote bag right up!

Actually, it was a fun week, with all these different projects going on.  I guess I'll never run out of things to do!

If you are looking for more fun, scrappy ideas, head on over to Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework, where I'll be joining the party!


Mari said...

I love that stack of yellow fabrics--it looks so springy! And are we ever ready for spring. For your skinny little pieces, I like string blocks. They can be tedious with the tiny pieces, but they turn out looking great.

gayle said...

All that jumping from project to project and being full of ideas is the way I operate... 8) I don't get a lot done, but I sure enjoy the doing!
Looks like you've got a stack of daffodil garden goodness in your fabric winnings. What a cheery prospect to play with. 8)
I like the idea of using favorite fabrics in a tote bag - keeps them right where you can enjoy them!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

The tote is a great idea for those scraps. I knew you would come up with something clever! I enjoy having lots of projects to play with. Looks like you are the same way!

Sandra Walker said...

I totally get that hopping around from one to another, but this week I have remained focused...could be because of OMG and a mini-mini swap due by the end of February!

LA Paylor said...

yes... it's not a happy feeling, the floundering without focus. I often default to scraps at that point. Leeanna

Linda said...

Yes I have those weeks but you are much more productive than I am. ;) Love your Covered in Love blocks and your tote bag start!