Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Something New!

Hooray for Spring Break!  Although it didn't allow me much sewing time, it was a great break from work and a nice visit with my mom in the Valley of the Sun: Phoenix, Arizona!  We had lots of patio and pool time, as well many opportunities to get outside and go for walks.  I did help my mom trim t-shirts for a graduation quilt for my youngest niece, so that counts for something anyway.

While looking for a hand sewing project to take along, I rediscovered a stash of Color Me Happy (leftover from this quilt) charm squares that I had forgotten all about!  I have been wanting to try some English Paper Piecing with hexagons for awhile, but hadn't gotten around to it yet, and it turned out to be just the project to take along on this trip.

I am a pretty slow hand stitcher, and it isn't usually usually my first choice for sewing, but this was fun to take along and try for a vacation!  I have enough charms left for one more flower, which I think will be enough for me to make a mini (which I do love to do!) and then I will call it good!

I did discover that the Two in One Pouch which I made earlier this year makes a great travel sewing kit for packing the scissors, thread, glue, needles, etc., that are required for EPP.   I love being able to make useful things for myself and for gifts!

Arizona is a very different climate and environment from Colorado where I live, so I always enjoy the chance to get out into the desert for a hike.  We spent several hours one day exploring the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, which is a state park east of Phoenix.  It was full of opportunities for walking, photography,  and birdwatching, all of which are activities my husband and I enjoy.  We had a great time exploring this fascinating place!  Wouldn't these colors make a beautiful quilt?

Time to go back to work tomorrow, but now that Spring Break has passed, that means we are closer and closer to summer.  I'm ready!

Linking up to Oh Scrap today, one of my favorite places to hang out on Sunday afternoon to get lots of scrappy inspiration!


Sandra Walker said...

You are SO LIKE ME, wrt taking a picture of a natural setting and envisioning those colours in a quilt!!! Lovely to connect with a kindred spirit in this regard; my husband looks at me and starts reaching for a tin hat for my head!!!! Bahaha. So you get Easter break? Time in the sun, ahhh. Can't be beat. Voice of experience here. Only what, 2.5 months left now 'til summer vay-cay, yippee, right?!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Those succulents are beautiful! And so are your little hexies. What a great use for those leftover scraps.

I agree, Oh Scrap! is a great place to hang out - lots of scrappy inspiration!

Jasmine said...

Mini quilts are great for hand sewing. Your Hexies are super cute. My current hand sewing project is a large lap quilt. It seems to take forever.

Cassandra said...

Your hexagon project looks great! I also like to keep some hand sewing for traveling. It is so nice to have something set up and ready to go!

Lara B. said...

The colors in the desert garden would be gorgeous in a quilt! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter break with your Mom...Yay!
Love the hexies you worked on Diann and also the way your cute zip pouch worked so well for carting your hand stitching around!