Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quilting Like a Charm

I have been enjoying doing the quilting on my Charm Pack Cherry quilt this week.  I started by spray basting outside on the driveway.

I have always done this inside, down in my sewing room, in the past, but after reading a tutorial on Christa's blog where she says to spray baste outdoors, I decided I'd better try that.  The upside of doing it out on the driveway was having way more space, and getting Mr. LPQ to help me with the process!

I wanted to try a new stitch with my walking foot for quilting that I hadn't tried before.   I've seen several people doing a beautiful scallop sort of stitch that I've tried really hard to duplicate, but I don't think my machine has that stitch.  So, instead, I figured out a giant zigzag that I really like!  It's turning out like this:

Back in September, I got a big table from Ikea for my birthday to put my sewing machine on.  It has really been wonderful for quilting bigger quilts!

Another pic of my zigzag quilting!  The pink leaves are one of my favorite fabrics in this line.  I love the micro dots, too.

I am really happy with the navy and green polka dots I found for the backing.  I'm going to bind it in that, also.

I guess I'd better go get back to work!  Linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday and Needle and Thread Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Your stitch is working with the design. I really like the way you handled the red and pink color distribution, creating a great overall effect.