Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Monday, February 24, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #26

Back from our trip to visit my mom in Arizona, and my mind is full of all things I need to accomplish!  There is always laundry piled up after we travel, and the cupboards are bare, plus our car needs to go into the shop, too.  Of course, you know what I want to do the most - sew!

Last week's list was short because of our trip, but I did keep up with the daily embroidery project.

This photo was taken before I stitched the Y block on Sunday evening, and the Z will be stitched tonight (Monday).  Then there are all the bits at the top to work on for the rest of the week.  This has been fun to participate in!

I didn't quite get my February Color Challenge block sewn up, but that shouldn't take too much longer.  Here are the pieces all ready to go!

This week I have many things in mind that I'd like to work on.  Here's the top of the list!

1.  Finish that color challenge block.  The link-up is open already!

2.  Make a few blocks to send to Covered in Love.  One is finished, but I'm shooting for three.

Look HERE for more information about this one.

My sewing table is ready with the pieces and parts for both of those projects.

3.  Before we left on our trip, I had this little quilt up on the design wall, ready to sew the rows together.  I'd like to get that done this week, too.

4.  Finish up February orange projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Almost there - just need a few more orange HSTs for the new quilt I started a couple weeks ago.

There's always more to do, but I'll stick with that list for now!  Sharing at To-Do Tuesday at Home Sewn by Us.  Thanks for hosting us, Roseanne!


Frédérique said...

A lot of pretty projects on the go! You will be busy this week ;))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have got a lot going and I love that colorful block with the strips going in opposite directions - that gives me ideas for some of my scraps and strings - I need to sketch that out before I forget about it. Coming home always has chores to do I think I always try to do laundry before we get home so it hasn't piled up - but then we are normally camping and it is easy to keep up with as I do it on a routine basis.

Susie H said...

Isn't that the truth .... there's always more to do! Have a great week! You've got plenty to keep you busy.

Linda said...

Your inchy is so adorable! I love what you've started on the Color Challenge block.
Ugh on chores. I was just sitting here with my coffee thinking about the things we need to do outside today (and I need the exercise) and all I want to do is go to the sewing room. Hope you finish yours quickly. ;)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Diann! I love how you have everything lined up, ready to sew should you get a moment. That's exactly how I/we work. Sometimes I don't even know all the things I have lined up . . . I'm just the workhorse, with my head down, sewing away. HAHA! Your aqua block looks so pretty - those fabrics are just perfecto. I also am drawn to your design wall project that needs the rows sewn together. Finally, that CiL block . . . look at those fabulous dotted fabrics! NICE. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, wow, Diann!! You really made good progress on your Sampler while you were visiting your Mom. SEW pretty!


We always have those darn 'to do' list that seem to come before we can get to the sewing 'to do' list!!!
your Crabapple top is coming along nicely and we will soon be done with it--then we will have to decide on the next project to fill that time slot!!!
the other project look great too--
luv, di

chrisknits said...

All such fun projects! Good luck on your goals,

piecefulwendy said...

You have some fun projects in the works! Welcome home!

Kathryn T said...

I absolutely love the colours in your colour challenge block. Good to get some embroidery done while visiting. Yes lots of chores to be done when you've been away from home! Kathryn Quilts

Sharon - IN said...

Your embroidery piece is wonderful! Looks like a good week is planned.