Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Little Penguin Quilts Through the Year

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I Like Thursday #144 - the little things

Happy Thursday, friends!  Some weeks it's just the littlest things that make me happy, and that's what I have to share today.

Back in January, when I emptied my sewing room so that we could paint and rearrange the furniture, I "lost" a little ruler that I love and have missed ever since.  Over the weekend I found it.  Yay!

Our youngest son was home over the weekend, and of course I didn't take any pictures with him (too busy enjoying him!), but he did help his dad install a new router for our internet.

Doesn't that look like a Space Age device?!

I guess we are becoming *those* parents - needing help with the latest technology!  :)

This summer we threw a bunch of wildflower seeds out into an old garden bed we have in our backyard, and we're enjoying seeing things bloom!

Close-up, the flowers are even better!

Although it's debatable right now if I will have any success with the tomatoes or peppers this year, the other night I was thinning the carrots in my vegetable garden, and out came this- 

It even tasted good!

And so far, in my sewing room, this week...

I loved stitching up this little pink wonky star for Tiny Tuesday - 

and a set of cosmetics and glasses cases to send to Carole (at From My Carolina Home)  for her Safelight project.  They are fun and easy to make!

Find out more about this project at Carole's blog HERE.

And one last thing I liked doing this week - 

Can you find me, lol?!  Along with all these other people, and a few of my friends, I helped pack backpacks for kids in our community whose families can't afford school supplies.  I've been joining in with this for several years now, and it's one of those things that just makes you feel good to be a part of!

Hope you're having a great week!  Read more positive Thursday posts over at Not Afraid of Color.


The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE this week's TT block in PINK!! I think I see the top of you head hiding in the back of the large group photo. Is that right? You all ROCKED @ packing backpacks!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad you found your ruler I have one like that too - it comes in handy for marking seams I have found. Love the star block! I wish we had someone near by to help with technical problems now and then - Mike can usually figure it out but it takes awhile sometimes

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Oh my goodness what a great post. I loved that ruler, too. Nicely done on the backpacks. I also did the Safelight project a year or two ago. I'm pleased to hear it's still on. New small carrots are so tasty! Have fun. mary

Julierose said...

Lovely s=little star;)) and a cute little carrot--It reminds me of "Tales of Peter Rabbit" when I look at it;)))
great "little lovely things" hugs, Julierose

Roseanne said...

Hi Diann! Well, you can't share a picture and ask can you find me, and then not tell us where you are!!! Love that project - how fun and what a great way to be involved. Love your skinny little carrot. Those are the best ones, I think. Love the wildflowers, too. Funny, I was just thinking this past weekend that we're about to slip into the needing help with technology category on some thing. Uggg. That, and the young, newer actors - I used to be up on all of them but now I don't care. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

piecefulwendy said...

Nothing beats finding those little helpful tools! It's like happening upon a steal of a deal in a store, right?! Only happier. Love those wildflowers in bloom - so pretty! We are "those" parents too, much to our son's dismay. Haha! I can't find you in that group, but sure is keen that you are there! That project and the Safelight are such great things to be a part of. I haven't made any Safelight projects, as much as I'd like to. I have too many projects I need to get done ASAP. So I'm enjoying seeing others participating. Great post, Diann!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So glad you found your ruler. I love the wildflowers blossoming! So nice of you to volunteer to pack backpacks. There's so much we can do to help others.

PaintedThread said...

Huzzah for finding the lost ruler. That is a souped up looking router! Mabel wants that carrot. LOL What a great group photo. How nice to belong to a community like that.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

That Safelight project is so great and I looked so hard to find you. Maybe there on the right towards the back? So many of my blogging friends volunteer and sew for charities, etc.I feel badly I don't. Donations are not the same as giving of your time.
Meanwhile, lovely sewn things for gifts, Diann.
Your garden is really growing which is fun. Does the carrot taste sweeter than store bought?

Jeanne said...

Love your wildflower bed! We did our whole front yard from seed that way -- it's been blooming for 10 years now :)

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love that safelight project, we do something similar in our guild. I love your quilt blocks and those wildflowers are absolutely adorable!!! Have a wonderful week Diann!