Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I Like Thursday #119 - Birds and Paint

Happy Thursday, friends!  If you've visited my blog before, you know we like birds, and we keep the feeders filled to attract as many as we can to our yard.

Last Thursday morning we woke up to a snowstorm, and that seems to be the only time we see the Dark-eyed Juncos in our yard.  Sure enough, there they were!

They don't come to the feeder, so you have to look out the window and down on the ground under the feeder to see them. They are a beautiful bird - dark above and light colored underneath.

There is a much better picture of a junco here at Tales of Birding.

Mike also caught some nice pictures of a couple of other birds we saw at our feeders the other day - 

a male American Goldfinch who was interested in our thistle feeder, and

a White-breasted Nuthatch who likes the suet.

My main focus this past week has been the sewing room re-do, and progress has been made! 

Besides getting rid of more unwanted items that had piled up, I also cleaned the room out, so that we could paint.

How's that for a nice clean room?!  My fat quarters and larger stash are stored in those black DVD shelves.  They were easy to carry into the guest bedroom as is, to get them out of the way.

In the interest of honesty (wink!) - here's what the guest bedroom looks like right now.

And that's only about a third of it all...

We painted the room on Tuesday!

I can't say that I really *like* painting, but I do like what a fresh coat of paint does for a room.  The color I chose is definitely brightening up this room!  It hadn't been painted in a very long time, and as we took things down and pulled furniture away from the walls, we could tell how badly the paint was needed!

Today, I get to put things back, repurposing a shelving unit for better storage, and creating a design wall.  I know I will like that!

My favorite mug for this season!

Hope you're having a great week!  Thanks for joining me for "I Like Thursday." You can find more positive posts over at Not Afraid of Color!


  1. Love sewing room re-dos and can't wait to see the end result!!! Your quilts look so pretty in your guest room! Love the photos of the birds!!! Have a great week!

  2. I'm excited for you about your room redo!
    You are so good to take care of your birds. I love them too, but I am not faithful in cleaning/refilling our feeders. Sometimes I've been known to get the bag of seed and just scatter it on the ground! :(

  3. you will just love having a new room to sew in. The paint will help brighten it up - do you just have the small window that you see in that photo - I know you said this is the basement - isn't it so I know you would have small windows if any. I love your cutting mat and sometimes think of having one ordered that would fit my whole table then realize I don't really need one and what I have is fine - I like those squares on yours though. Does it help you square up blocks better?

  4. That light paint will really make a difference! I'll bet you can't wait to get back to sewing in your fresh new studio :)

  5. Isn't amazing how a little paint can perk up a room? Love the birds.

  6. How exciting to get a new sewing room. Can't wait to see how you finish it.
    Sweet birds.

  7. New paint does make a room feel fresh and clean! We have a lot of birds here too. I've been running off a pair (yes, 2!) huge pileated woodpeckers several times a day that found my suet feeder.

  8. You will like that lighter color on the walls. I'm still completely amazed at what a difference it's made in my quilt space. The moving out and in is quite a bit of work, but feels good to do a bit of purging and whatnot, as long as you get a fun reward in the end! We've hardly seen any birds or squirrels with this deep freeze going through here; they wisely know how to seek shelter and stay warm.

  9. I do so love your seasonal mugs!! I've been seeing several sewing room renos in QBL. Mine is imminent and can/can't wait! I have WAY more than the 1/3 you've shown here ha, so it's scary, and not too long, just 2 years, since it was all in boxes and totes from selling our other Kville house. Love the birds. We'd get such variety at our Alberta feeders, and we need to somehow attract them to the one that's now close to a perfect viewing window. Nuthatches and juncos yes! Redpolls and pine siskins were also visitors at certain times as they migrated. No cardinals there though, so I do so enjoy seeing them here in the east.

  10. We've only been in our house 2 years, but I want to paint color to cover up the beige that we have now. You know the drill, builders only want to paint 1 color on all the walls! I have plans, but need to get Hubster on board since I don't paint to his standards. LOL!

  11. It will be fun to see it when it's all done!

  12. Nuthatches are so much fun. All the birds are pretty, though. I agree with you with the paint - it certainly can brighten a room. Ooh. A design wall. One of these days....

  13. How exciting to have a fresh new color on the walls! I think you're going to be even more inspired than ever to sew fun new things. :)